Winningoal Mini-Storage
560 Lincoln Highway, Lisbon, IA 52253
"Helping Customers Meet Their Storage Need Goals"

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Winningoal Mini-Storage
Winningoal Mini-Storage was established May 28, 2010 when Winningoal, LLC purchased Brown's Mini-Storage.  Winningoal, LLC is owned and operated by Russ and Deb Rasmussen.  Russ and Deb have been long time Lisbon residents and have raised two boys (Tyler & Trenton) in the Lisbon Community School District.  The newest addition is Building No. 5 on the west end of the property that provides 10 more units, 5 of which have keypad entry.

Time Line
July 18, 2018 - Installed LED exterior lighting system
October 08, 2017 - Installed 24 hour surveillance camera system
October 31, 2013 - Blacktop Seal Coat Applied To Entire Asphalt Lot
September 30, 2013 - New Metal Roofing Applied To Buildings No. 1 - 4
May 31, 2012 - Building No. 5 Completed Adding 10 Additional 10' x 24' Units
May 31, 2010 - Winningoal Mini-Storage Purchase

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Winningoal Mini-Storage Partners
Financed by: Mount Vernon Bank & Trust, Justin Dix,   (319) 895-8835 , 
Signage by: Rickard Sign & Design,  (319) 455-0099, Brett Rickard,
Technology Support by: Market Street Technologies, Scott Cannon,  (319) 247-0225,

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